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Eventbrite API

The power of Eventbrite on WordPress

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Eventbrite API WordPress Plugin

The Eventbrite API plugin brings the power of Eventbrite to WordPress, for both users and developers.



By connecting to your Eventbrite account, events can be displayed directly on your website, complete with event details and ticket information. Events will blend in with the design of any theme, and events can be filtered by organizer or venue, just like post archives.


As a developer, you get simple-to-use tools for integrating Eventbrite into your themes or plugins. Use the helper functions to remove the complexity and heavy-lifting of API calls, and take advantage of assorted template tags for displaying various event information.



Keyring is required for the Eventbrite API plugin to work. Once it's installed with an active connection to Eventbrite, the Eventbrite API plugin will be able to display events.

If needed, admin notices will give helpful links and prompting to get Keyring and the Eventbrite API plugin up and running. These notices will appear on the Dashboard, Plugins, Tools, and Settings admin pages until issues are resolved.


Automattic, the maintainer of the plugin, has available some commonly-requested addons. To install, click "Download ZIP", and then upload that ZIP on the Plugins > Add New page.