Mongo documentation

Run a group command across a collection.


  1. keys (object | array | function) - An object, array or function expressing the keys to group by.

  2. condition (Object) - An optional condition that must be true for a row to be considered.

  3. initial (Object) - Initial value of the aggregation counter object.

  4. reduce (Function) - The reduce function aggregates (reduces) the objects iterated.

  5. [finalize] (Function) - An optional function to be run on each item in the result set just before the item is returned.

  6. [command] (Boolean) - Specify if you wish to run using the internal group command or using eval, default is true.

  7. [options] (Object)

  8. [callback] (function)


A promise.

  { a: true },
  { count: 0 },
  function (obj, prev) {

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